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HARMONIZE 致力延伸車款設計語彙,提供更優良的騎乘體驗以及視覺效果。


HARMONIZE is committed to extending the design language of the bikes, providing a better riding experience and visual effects.

The new series of Tank Pads "HTP" will be officially released in 2023.



注重駕馭所需的功能性和材料使用的合理性,HTP新系列將導入更多品牌元素。著重於模組的構造與細節,任一單位皆為騎乘而建立,所有元素各自具有迥殊性,全然體現 HARMONIZE 美學。

Focusing on the functionality required for riding and the rationality of the use of materials, the new HTP series will introduce more brand elements. Focusing on the structure and details of the module, each unit is built for riding, and all elements have their own uniqueness, fully embodying the aesthetics of HARMONIZE.



針對 APRILIA RS660 原廠油箱造型所開發,提供騎士更優良的夾持效果並帶來更棒的騎乘體驗。

Developed for the APRILIA RS660 original fuel tank shape, it provides the rider with a better clamping effect and brings a better riding experience.





HARMONIZE adheres to the original intention - harmonious madness, harmonious simplicity, and coordinated design brings harmonious experience and vision.


Model  |  APRILIA RS660

Owner  |  @naughty_photography

Photographer  |  @__kai__photographic

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